New premises

Then finally came the day when we could move into new premises. There has been no shortage of delays and postponements, but it is almost forgotten when we enter the door and are greeted by cool air from the air conditioning and see the great view. In the middle of downtown Davao in the business district along Bajada, we have been given premises on the top floor, 17th floor, in the Landco building. (Actually the 16th since the 13th floor does not exist in this part of Asia.) The Landco building is a well-known landmark in the city and will be easy to find, even for customers traveling here on their own.

We have organized the renovation ourselves and shaped the room so that we have kept the daylight and can enjoy the view right from the front door. Now all that remains is the projector, the micro oven for the dining room and perhaps some marking on the glass walls so we don't do the same as the little birds on the living room window at home.
Everyone has new workplaces, and we have supplemented with chairs and several double 27″ screens. Admittedly, we are not completely satisfied with all the chairs, but we will have to make up for it in the next round. Together with a Nordic keyboard, each workstation is as well equipped as in a Norwegian accounting office. We have also installed two fiber cables from different suppliers so that we are guaranteed good access to the internet.

We know that the salary level is significantly lower in the Philippines than in Norway. The population is increasing and there is no shortage of well-educated future labor either. When you are in a low-cost country, you almost expect everything to be cheap. It is not true. The IT equipment is about as expensive as in Norway. Electricity and internet are somewhat more affordable. Property prices can be shockingly high in attractive areas. The rental prices follow the same level. Although other costs are not as low as one might expect, all manual work will be profitable to have done in the Philippines. It will continue to be so for a long time to come. This is a Win - Win for all parties. Our employees have far better pay and working conditions than their colleagues.

Back Office AS er lokalisert i Davao City som ligger sør i Filippinene. Byen har et innbyggertall på størrelse med Oslo. Lønns- og kostnadsnivået her ligger noe lavere her enn f.eks i Manila. Vi har forsøkt å balansere lønn, lokaler og administrasjon slik at vi skal være en attraktiv arbeidsplass for arbeidstakere og samtidig være enkelt for norske kunder å etablere seg her. Her har du muligheter. Vi hjelper deg i gang.

Welcome to the new premises!