The hiring of temporary workers is regulated by the Working Environment Act. Forwarding of labor where the employee is registered as an employee in, and works from the Philippines, does not come under the regulation of letting and subletting in the Working Environment Act.

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You can communicate through the platform you use today, whether it's Slack, Teams or email. The employee also has their own Back Office AS Skype account available which can be used. A combination of e-mail and e.g. Teams covers most needs.

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We have no lock-in period, but 3 months' continuous notice of termination.

Basic training in Norwegian working life and society. They have theory and practice in VAT, accounting rules, wages and reconciliation. We try to get at least 3 months of practice before they are ready to work with the customer.

They are used interchangeably in everyday speech. We have dealt with this use of the word: Outsourcing refers to an organization contracting work out to a 3rd party, while Offshoring refers to getting work done in a different country, usually to leverage cost advantages.

Initially, employees want 100 % positions. We make exceptions when we have the capacity to do so, but the price for a full-time employee with a workplace is low. Why not let the employee use any free time on other tasks. Marketing, coordination, creating instructions, cleaning, learning Norwegian - it is your employee that you will enjoy for many years to come with small investments.

The Philippines is 6 hours ahead of us when we have summer time and 7 hours when we have winter time.

They have 8 hours of work time + lunch. Most employees want normal working hours during the day in order to spend time with friends and family in the evening. In practice, this results in them working until 10 - 11 in the morning Norwegian time. Depending on when they start the day. There is then a good overlap to follow up any questions.

There are a number of public holidays in the Philippines that are spread throughout the year. Most with salary. 
In addition, employees in the Philippines are entitled to 5 days of paid leave a year. We give them 5 paid days off in the first year and increase it annually up to 25 days in the 5th year. That's what you pay for through a fixed monthly price. Absences beyond this will be credited. 
If overtime is imposed, a 50 % supplement is calculated. Filipinos are very flexible and stand by when needed. Most people (customers and employees) want to use a time account when it is high season and take time off when there is less to do. It must be agreed with the individual.
In GDPR's wording, the Back Office is to be considered a supplier to, for example, the accounting office.
The accounting office must therefore note that Back Office AS and Back Office PH Services Inc are suppliers in its Data Processor agreement with the customer.

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