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By using our employees, you are guaranteed to get both highly educated and qualified accountants at a very competitive price. 

4-step process

This is how we work


Specify your needs

You communicate your needs for help with accounting services


We employ skilled employees

We recruit and employ skilled employees


You choose the candidates

You choose the candidates you want to use from us


We manage locally

Our team takes care of the administration from A to Z


Our services ensure you both high quality and low prices. Offshoring need not be reserved only for the largest companies.

And much more ...

Our offer covers a range of services, not just in accounting. Feel free to contact us today if you have any questions related to our services

Our customers

Increase capacity and reduce costs

Our goal at Back Office AS is to offer you skilled employees at a very competitive price. We can offer a highly qualified team located abroad to meet your needs. If you want to try our employees, Back Office AS will be your partner, so that you can offer the best service to your customers.

Department in the Philippines

It does not take long from a new hire until you have a productive employee. Having a separate department in the Philippines is like having another location in Norway. The most important thing is to include them as other employees. Share information and have regular contact.

Today, we have our own company in central Davao City that rents out office space. When we take care of local administration, it becomes attractive, even for small accounting offices, to have our own staff in low-cost countries. We guarantee orderly conditions from A to Z. Our employees are proud to work at Back Office AS and we do our best to ensure that all our customers are successful.

Your own team

Back Office AS specializes in offshoring for Norwegian accounting firms. We can offer our customers a dedicated team of highly qualified accountants who have undergone standard training in systems and routines. With your own overseas department, you can increase capacity and minimize operating costs.

Back Office AS

Back Office AS is a Norwegian company subject to VAT that is also registered with the Norwegian Labor and Welfare Authority as a staffing company. We are based in Grenland when we are not in Davao City in the Philippines.

In Davao, we have premises in the city's well-known commercial building Landco. There we have newly renovated premises with a fantastic view from our meeting room on the top floor.

Super collaboration!

"Back Office AS does a thorough job of finding the right people for the right task. Incredibly great group to work with!”

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Torstein Gustavsen, CEO Tixio Technologies AS

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